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AlphaKEK is an AI-powered analytics platform for crypto markets and TradFi. We develop tools for analyzing market data across Web2 and Web3 - forums, news sites, DEX trades, smart contract code, etc. Token holders can access our AI Apps now via a web app or a Telegram bot. Our platform relies on our custom self-hosted AI models - LLMs, clustering models, text embedding models, and more. Our tokenomics is based on three things: 1) Users should hold tokens to access our AI services - the more tokens you hold, the more perks you get. 2) Token contract includes a small tax on buys and sells. 3) 33% of collected tax is being spent on buyback and burn of the token, thus making the token deflationary. 2.99% of the total supply is burned at the time of writing. The following AI services are currently available for holders: * Private AI Report: performs a deep search across web2 and web3 sources, searches for trends and patterns in the data then provides a concise text report on the question with a detailed breakdown of each source. Once the report is generated, a user could chat with it to ask extra questions or clarify something. Using our proprietary Knowledge Graph-Augmented Generation, * Crypto Dashboard: a self-updating panel that provides actual crypto insights 24/7. In the future, token holders will be able to create their private dashboards with custom filters and alerts. Public dashboard: * AI Chat: a chat powered by our unbiased LLM that is connected to our Knowledge Graph, allowing it to answer any finance-related questions using the latest and the most relevant data. * Telegram bot: provides convenient access to the services mentioned above, plus automatically provides various market-related insights every few hours, news summaries, reports, and so on. Our medium-term roadmap includes developing more data visualization tools and developing and autonomous AI Agent for finance research.