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What is Blockless? The Blockless protocol is a peer-to-peer network that allows for trustless execution of serverless WASM functions and x86-architecture programs. On top of it, the Blockless platform offers a suite of community-built tools and capabilities for building performant dApps, such as automation trigger, customized data feed, and dynamic web hosting. What makes Blockless unique? Blockless allows developers to deploy serverless WASM functions whose executions are verifiable with zk-SNARK proofs. Blockless also allows developers to deploy traditional x86 architecture software directly on a decentralized network, lowering the entry barrier for creating trust-minimized applications. History of Blockless Blockless started in the winter of 2021 by a group of builders that aims to expand the current Blockchain service boundaries with verifiable and trustless computation. The team received seed funding in March 2022, and plans to introduce Public Beta in Mid 2023. What's next for Blockless? Blockless will launch mainnet in Q4 2023. Blockless aims to create a future of Solopreneurs in Web3, where individuals holding exciting ideas can launch dApps effortlessly with the help of a world of plug-and-play infrastructures created by other builders. What can BLS be used for? The BLS token is required for node staking for anyone that want to contribute compute resource to the Blockless network. The token is also used as a form of payment with in the platform for executions. A percentage of network proceeds will be used in direct token burn.