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Bonke is Ponke on Base, a meme coin. BONKE stood out not just for his vibrant blue fur but for his dual life. By day, he was a legend in the meme coin market, with a portfolio that was the envy of many, featuring the likes of Shiba Inu and Dogecoin. His trading desk, littered with banana peels, was the command center from which he navigated the volatile waves of the crypto risks, using Fibonacci retracement lines as his guide. His reactions to market fluctuations were intense, often mirroring the dramatic highs and lows of the coins he traded. But as the digital clocks marked the end of another trading day, BONKE revealed the other side of his coin. Under the veil of night, he transformed into a guardian of the less fortunate traders, dispensing sage advice through whispers in the digital corridors of Discord and Telegram. His mantra, "Buy the dip, HODL, my friend," became a beacon of hope for many, turning their portfolios from red to green. Amidst the chatter of the crypto community, whispers of a PONKE, the alleged evil twin, added a layer of mystery to BONKE's persona. But BONKE, with a dismissive chuckle, would only hint at a familial connection, a shared affinity for bananas, leaving the truth as elusive as the next market surge. BONKE, the blue monkey, had become a symbol of the duality that exists within the crypto world—fortune and kindness intertwined under the glow of monitors.