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What's Bracelet abou, why we are unique, and history of our project? Bracel├Ęt Network is a decentralized network with the goal of developing a suite of scalable, user-friendly dApps and real-world utilities to accelerate global crypto adoption. Bracelet Network offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to reimagine critical applications in a way that more democratically empowers individual users: whereas Web 2.0 applications are strictly centralized, Web 3.0 applications function in a way that disperses power while protecting users' privacy and autonomy. Bracelet Network, by creating Web 3.0 iterations of essential tools, aims to reimagine these utility applications in a way that celebrates the Web 3.0 ethos: an ethos that seeks to empower users. Mission We will improve current Web2.0 applications and transition them to Web3.0 and Blockchain to aid in global crypto adoption. Create highly scalable decentralized applications that add value to the crypto industry as a whole. Vision To be recognized as a globally trusted brand in charge of a suite of highly accessible decentralized applications, each of which is designed to ease and accelerate crypto adoption. To aid in the integration of the cryptocurrency economy with the larger, fiat economy. Reimagining tools that have become commonplace on Web 2.0 in a decentralized, block-chain-based form. What's next for our project? It's have a long way that you can found here Our token can be used for accessing all utility and will be main exchange token on our product and Brace social marketplace.