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1.Cicca Metaverse and web3 Game and High staking award coin Players can earn (P2E) cryptocurrency or other digital tokens as rewards for their in-game activities. These rewards can be significant, and players can choose to hold, trade, or convert these tokens into real-world currency. Players can interact with the virtual world and other players in various ways, such as socializing, trading, competing, and collaborating. These interactions often shape the game's narrative and environment In our metaverse games, players can participate in the virtual economy by creating, buying, selling, and trading virtual assets. This can include everything from virtual real estate to digital clothing and accessories. Mint NFTs for in-game assets like characters, items, land, or any other digital collectibles. These NFTs represent ownership and can be traded or used within the game and Blockchain Technology. In Our metaverse games, AI-controlled game masters oversee and moderate player interactions, events, and challenges. They ensure fair play and may intervene when necessary. 2.web3 Staking dAPP Enable users to choose which cryptocurrency tokens they want to stake. The DApp support a variety of tokens, depending on the chain network. Provide a user-friendly interface for staking tokens into the network and withdrawing them (unstaking) when desired. Include options for staking duration and the amount to be staked. Calculate and display the expected staking rewards based on the user's staked amount and duration. Real-time data on rewards and staking pool performance will be available. users can the lockup period for their staked tokens, which varies depending on the network protocol and Provide clarity on when they can withdraw their staked assets. Implemented robust security features, including smart contract audits, bug bounties, and measures to protect against potential exploits and vulnerabilities 3.web3 wallet Securely generate, store, and manage cryptographi