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What is the project about? DoveSwap is the first native DEX on Polygon zkEVM, which enables faster and more cost-effective transactions. DoveSwap uses concentrated liquidity pools to improve capital efficiency, and reduce impermanent loss. What makes your project unique? DoveSwap is unique in that it will have upcoming product launches that will directly interact with its own DEX. This is because DoveSwap has a strategy vault incoming that will use its DEX to rebalance its positions. This would generate inbound organic demand for DoveSwap's DEX which rewards its LP's in the long term. DoveSwap will also have more synergistic products that all integrate with each other in the future. History of your project. DoveSwap launched on March 31st 2023 What’s next for your project? DoveSwap is planning on launching strategy vaults that integrate its DEX. DoveSwap is also planning on creating a liquidity mining page that allows other protocols that want to work with DoveSwap to easily integrate their tokens into the farms listed on its site. What can your token be used for? Depending on the result of the governance vote to be held in the future, holders of the DOV token will be able to receive a portion of the trading fees from DoveSwap's platform. The token can also be used to vote on community proposals for the future of the Dovish protocol.