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What is the project about? Dual Finance gives token communities sustainable ways to earn yield & generate value from their treasuries. Through liquid option based incentives, Dual Finance unlocks value & unleashes participation in decentralized communities. Building a Incentive Liquidity Infrastructure for Web3 Communities. What makes your project unique? Dual Finance has designed itself upon this breakthrough token incentive mechanism to gain allegiance & prevent token dumping. DUAL token distribution is being conducted fully & fairly through the use of Staking Options. DUAL is the first token ever to only be distributed via options. History of your project. Prior Solana DeFi & Chainlink Hackathon Winners. Team has ex-institutional crypto market maker & FANG experience. What’s next for your project? DUAL Token launch is today! The Dual DAO is live on realms and airdropping Staking Options on DUAL to existing users. Partnerships with projects to better incentivize their communities & revitalize their tokens. When designed through Dual Finance, Staking Options serve to bolster their token's option & spot liquidity by leveraging a protocol market maker for CLOBs, Risk Manager. What can your token be used for? Governance in the Dual DAO. DUAL serves as an example for partner projects to follow implementations of options as mechanism to incentivize their communities.