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Dubbz is the merging of traditional and web3 gaming... a bridge and accelerator to blockchain-based gaming. Dubbz brings blockchain-based wagering to AAA titles such as Call of Duty, FIFA, Fortnite, and more. 24/7 available referees and player recordings ensure that cheating has no place on the Dubbz platform. The Dubbz web3 gaming marketplace will merge traditional AAA titles and blockchain-based games into the same platform and give blockchain games the closer to even playing field it needs to help drive adoption. Traditional gamers without exposure to Web3.0 and cryptocurrency will feel comfortable using Dubbz, there is no overwhelming interface or force feeding of web3.0 to alienate traditional gamers. Dubbz will provide a platform for game developers to list their blockchain-based games free of charge on our marketplace. The Dubbz team will work with game developers to integrate our dAPP into their game and provide monetization and exposure to their product. Players will be able to use their existing Dubbz balance in-game, eliminating the need for a player to have a separate token for each title. Sustainability is the essence of Dubbz and monetization methods will be rooted in player vs. player wagering... no token dilution or the need to constantly bring a fresh influx of players to keep the earnings valuable. The message from Dubbz to web3 game developers is simple.... “Build a good game... and Dubbz will take care of the rest.