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What is the project about? Flair Dex is a decentralised exchange and automated market marker built on avalanche blockchain focusing on providing efficient token swaps and deep liquidity for stablecoins and other assets. Flair Dex comes with a unique governance structure using the ve(3,3) system that provides the possibility to maximise gains for all users of the ecosystem. What makes your project unique? Supports both Stable Swaps and Uniswap Style volatile swaps. Dex with minimal Fees of just 0.02 percent for sAMM and 0.2% for vAMM, some of the lowest in defi. Support uniswap style LP and curve-inspired Gauges for a better and decentralized liquidity incentivization. Allows permissionless access to create bribes on any LP pools. Fully Decentralised from day one, with ve tokenomics. ve Holders control the protocol, revenue, and token emissions. History of your project. Flair dex was started in December 2022, with the aim of becoming the native liquidity layer of avalanche. What’s next for your project? Flair perpetuals coming soon What can your token be used for? Users can lock their $FLDX tokens into the protocol to receive $veFLDX token, which can vote on which liquidity pools will get boosted $FLDX token emissions, while in return receiving the fee's and bribes that the liquidity pools generate.