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What is the project about? GMCash is an algorithmic token protocol that operates on Arbitrum, making it the first algo-token with an Insurance Fund that uses collateral with a real asset. This innovative solution is designed to adjust the stablecoin’s supply deterministically, which moves the price of the stablecoin towards a target price, bringing programmability and interoperability to DeFi. What makes your project unique? Treasury redemption (coming soon): GMC holders can stake their GMC to receive gGMC, which is the GMCash Governance token. This token will allow users to manage the DAO Treasury and gain governance rights. GMC holders can use their tokens to vote on any proposals made by GMCash or redeem gGMC to receive assets from the Treasury. The surrender value of gGMC tokens will be calculated based on the circulating supply of gGMC tokens and will be fixed at the beginning of every epoch. Furthermore, all surrendered gGMC tokens will be burned. Using RealYield rewards: we plan to launch a perpetual DEX to collect fees and utilize those fees to maintain the peg. History of your project. Launch date: Apr 3, 2023 Genesis Pool start rewards: Apr 5, 2023 at 7: 00 UTC What’s next for your project? - Boardroom print - Treasury redemption - NFT staking What can your token be used for? - Trade to $GMX - add Liquidity to farm GSHARE - More utilities in the future