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## What Is GRELF? GRELF is a meme coin currently available on the Hedera and Avalanche networks. GRELF is based around a weird and conventionally unappealing character, named Gerbert the Grelf, who lives under a stump in an enchanted forest. Gerbert the Grelf was originally created on Hedera as a spokesman for the CREETS NFT project. He was then expanded to be the center focus of the GRELF meme coin because the founder, WarlockNKey, thought having a bald, ugly, weirdo as a mascot would be funny. The GRELF project is not about utility; it is about humor, entertainment, and showcasing the wonderful in the weird. ## What is the supply of GRELF? GRELF launched on Hedera mainnet on August 30th, 2022 with a total fixed supply of 6.6 million GRELF tokens (6,666,666.) No keys were created for the project so the amount of supply cannot be increased, decreased, or altered. ### Who is the Founder of GRELF? The founder of GRELF is WarlockNKey. He is doxxed and prioritizes transparency in the operation of his various projects and initiatives. WarlockNKey started his career in Web3 on Hedera in November of 2021 with founding of the CREETS NFT project and he is known for his humor, improvisational nature, and community involvement. ### Where Can I Buy GRELF? GRELF is currently available for purchase via Hedera's [SaucerSwap]( and Avalanche's [Pangolin]( exchanges.