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What is the project about? Hot'n Cold Finance is a contemporary dex approach formed by the combination of two different financial models. This new model is an on-chain system of smart contracts on the JUNO Network that leverages CosmWasm. These smart contracts implement an automated market maker (AMM) protocol based on the constant product formula. What’s next for your project? Roadmap Flower Accelerator Program Part 1: Q4 2022 HOT Dex Launch: Q1 2023 COLD Dex Launch: Q1 2023 COLDswap (Permissionless OTC trade platform): Q1 2023 Flower Accelerator Program Part 2: Q2 2023 HOTpad (Permissionless launchpad platform): Q2 2023 What can your token be used for? Hot'n Cold Finance's native token is $HNC: a transferable representation of attributed utility functions; namely, liquidity, staking, and governance, specified in the code. It is therefore designed to be a utility token essential to the protocol. 100 million $HNC tokens were minted at genesis. The total supply of $HNC is hard-capped and will not exceed 100 million tokens. Hot'n Cold Finance is structured as a progressive DAO which starts as semi-technocratic governance and evolves to a fully decentralized DAO over time, where the community can create and vote on proposals to steer protocol development and community fund management. This governance framework leverages DAO DAO architecture. Votes will be proportional to the amount of HNC in a user's account. HNC can be converted to HOT or COLD. During the transformation, 1 HNC is divided into 100 parts and these parts become HOT or COLD at the request of the user.