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Huralya, is a pioneering gaming studio based in Dubai, that merges blockchain technology with interactive gaming experiences. The studio's primary focus is on developing games that not only entertain but also provide monetization opportunities. Its flagship game, 'Huralya: Genesis', integrates an engaging narrative with environmental themes, offering immersive gameplay and a balanced economy. Its free-to-play and has many of the most favorable genres within it. What makes Huralya:Genesis unique? Huralya: Genesis is unique due to its emphasizing environmental protection through gaming mechanics and innovative use of narrativesets and power of Ai. At first, players will be tasked with surviving and developing the surrounding society so they can play their part in restoring human civilization and reestablishing order. Over time, there will be updates and enhancements for Genesis, each expanding the world of Genesis and making it more adventurous and exciting. From new areas to be discovered, puzzles to be solved, and adventures to be had. What is LYA? Central to the Huralya ecosystem is its native cryptocurrency, LYA. This token is designed to be versatile within the Huralya universe, serving as the primary currency in the studio's games and NFT marketplace. The strategic allocation of LYA tokens spans various functions including game development, team incentives, and community rewards. Huralya's team, experts in game development, blockchain, and digital finance, focuses on crafting cutting-edge blockchain solutions that enhance the gaming experience. Their roadmap includes expanding game features, integrating DAO systems for user involvement, and diversifying into eco-conscious gaming products. Read more in the white paper: