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Hypra is a new blockchain project that aims to revive the original vision of Ethereum as a global, decentralized platform for money and new kinds of applications. Hypra is based on a modified version of the Ethereum Go client, which is a fork of the official 1.11.6 release. This was the final release to support Proof-of-Work. Hypra is not just another Ethereum clone. It has several unique features that make it stand out from the crowd. Here are some of them: ETHashB3: Hypra uses a new Proof-of-Work consensus algorithm that replaces the hash functions with BLAKE3 This allowed for a natural progression of the chain from CPU mining to GPU mining, as well as improved security and performance. HYP: Hypra has its own native currency, HYP, which is used to pay for transactions and smart contracts on the network. HYP has a fixed supply schedule that starts with 4 HYP per block and gradually decreases to 1 HYP per block after 9 years. The total supply up to 9 years will be 124,438,360 HYP, plus block fees and uncle rewards. Compatibility: Hypra is fully compatible with the Ethereum protocol, which means that it can run any Ethereum smart contract or decentralized application (dapp) without any modification. Hypra also supports the BNB Smart Chain (BEP20) token standard, which allows for interoperability with other blockchain platforms. Innovation: Hypra is not afraid to experiment with new ideas and features that can improve the user experience and functionality of the network. For example, Hypra has plans to move the reward model to a 2.1% inflation target in the future, which could provide more stability and sustainability for the network.