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What is the project about? Iustitia Coin (IUS) is the result of years to develop a green, fast and efficient coin that can be used in daily life purchases. community will focus on: - Planting 1 million trees per year - Collecting 50,000 tons of waste per year - Attracting 5 million holders of IUS Coin in the next 4 years - Becoming #1 global coin that rewards users on green initiatives. What makes your project unique? Iustitia is the Greek goddess of justice, known in our modern world as the lady of justice. The Greek Iustitia goddess represents moral excellence as her vision was to create laws of justice made by people and followed by people. This is what inspired our Iustitia coin (IUS), a cryptocurrency that will focus on: -Achieving justice to our mother nature. -Massive scale of green initiatives to be executed by people. -Decentralized and can not be controlled by any bank. From here emerged the Iustitia coin (IUS), to be fair to our mother nature, that is a green coin with zero-emission, where no energy is required to mine the coin as it is 100% pre-mined through using green energy. All transactions will be verified by using insignificant power. The coin will support the green initiatives around the globe, fulfilling the impartiality in our vision. Iustitia coin (IUS) will model justice, uprightness, equity, and impartiality.