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📌 Welcome to Pixel! 🌈🦄 🔑 Official Token Contract Address (ERC20): 0x6a26Edf3bBC9F154ca9175216CEB9812f5305e6E 🔷 Origins of Pixel: Pixel is our homage to the colorful world of memes and jpegs, symbolized by a pixelated rainbow unicorn. While rooted in MegaPont, Pixel strides forward as an independent community-run entity, designed to be resilient and autonomous. 👁️ Pixel's Vision: At the heart of Pixel lies the ambition to be a unifying force for pixel artists and enthusiasts in the Web3 space 🧑‍🎨 Pixel aims to serve as a meeting ground for artists, collectors, and enthusiasts, fostering a community that values creativity, collaboration, and the unique storytelling power of pixel art ✨🖼️ 🪙 $PIXE Token details: Megapont has locked the LP for 99 years, renounced ownership & airdropped all team holdings to the community in the first few weeks of $PIXE being live, marking Pixel's autonomy as a community-run entity. 🟧 Inscription/Teleburn utilities: Besides its playful & creative spirit, Pixel brings a wave of innovation and ease to the NFT/Ordinals space with unique, user-oriented utilities. Here are some of the upcoming services by MegapontNFT: Inscription Service 🔸 Inscribe like a pro, paying for fees entirely in $PIXE. 🔸 This service makes creating on #Bitcoin's canvas more accessible to the wider public, removing the need to pay in bitcoin. Teleburn 🔸 Select your NFTs for teleburn. 🔸 Pay with $PIXE for the new inscription. 🔸 Execute the transaction to burn your old NFTs. 🔸 This streamlined process is irreversible and aims to simplify the experience for ETH collectors planning to migrate to Bitcoin. Join us in this colorful journey and be part of the Pixel Community - where every pixel tells a story ✨🦄