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PUBLC is a new gateway to the web for searching and discovering content. It combines Web2 content with Web3 economy, technology and ideology, creating a collaborative platform for the benefit of the entire web ecosystem that is ethically designed and distributing its revenue in a way that is more inclusive, transparent and fair. PUBLC indexes content such as music, videos, and news from websites, content platforms and other sources from across the web. With the help of its users PUBLC aims to index the entire web and categorize it into relevant topics and search queries to make the vast content of the web more accessible. PUBLC rewards its entire ecosystem for the value they create on the platform with its own cryptocurrency called PUBLX, which in turn creates a strong incentive for each user group to continue contributing to the growth of the platform. PUBLX token is at the basis of PUBLC's financial infrastructure and is connected to the platform’s native revenue models paid in USD, such as advertising, promoted content, e-commerce and more. With the supply and distribution of the tokens to the ecosystem being based on the usage of the platform and the value created, and the demand of the tokens coming from businesses and advertisers for services consumed on the platform, PUBLC is able to establish real value for its token and create a sustainable revenue model for all of PUBLC’s ecosystem. This token model powers PUBLC’s rewarding mechanism allowing it to share 90% of its revenue with its ecosystem.