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Description is a modular Ethereum Layer-2 scaling platform that employs state-of-the-art cryptographic protocols to facilitate efficient transaction processing off the main chain while leveraging the security of an established blockchain. Built with Arbitrum Orbit, is engineered to address the core challenges of traditional blockchain systems by offering lightning-fast transaction speeds, drastically reduced gas costs, and enhanced throughput, all while maintaining the rigorous security standards of the Ethereum mainnet. Token: reETH is the native gas token to the chain. reETH is 100% backed by LSTs (liquid staking tokens) in the native bridge, so that all ETH bridged to earns yield on the chain. reETH is value-accruing, meaning it goes up in value vs ETH as ETH yield accrues to the token, similar to popular LSTs like wstETH or sfrxETH. The example below illustrates how value accrues to the token assuming a staking yield of 3%. The reETH on functions the same as ETH on Ethereum mainnet or any other Ethereum L2, with the exception that it accrues value from staking. Gas fees, token swaps, asset payments done in ETH on other chains will be completed in reETH on, processed at significantly lower costs to the L1 due to the processing efficiencies of an L2. Through the deployment of reETH, all ETH on the chain, no matter where it's held, earns staking yield for users. This unlocks new design opportunities and DeFi primitives in the ecosystem while helping users maximize the value of their assets.