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What is the project about? ViciCoin (VCNT) is a utility token used to access protected content, services, web applications, and live events, such as Zoom video conferencing. Together, NFTs and ViciCoin can be used to manage community resources in which NFTs authenticate wallets, and ViciCoin administers quality of service. What makes your project unique? We believe our project is unique because it is a horizontal platform that enables individuals and enterprises to build communities strengthening their brand and generate incremental revenue streams. The utility of our token is broad and deep. We have built communities for artists, authors, digital content creators, restaurants, car dealerships, and fast fashion. We have over 10,000 users in these communities. We are continually looking for new verticals to enter and to expand the usability of ViciCoin. We are also exploring a white label solution for large enterprise customers that can be exchanged for ViciCoin. History of your project. Our company was established in 2021 and ViciCoin was launched on Uniswap in June 2023. Subsequently, we launched on P2B exchange and Bitforex with more exchange launches to follow. Average daily trading volumes are over $100,000 and should increase. Currently our fully diluted market cap is ~$43M. What’s next for your project? Our growth and product roadmap include added additional verticals that can utilize ViciCoin for identity management that can grant users the ability to interact with communities, such as restaurants, car dealerships, and content creators. We also expect to launch more enterprise focused products, like the ability to manage APIs using our identity management. What can your token be used for? ViciCoin can serve a broad range of verticals and unique business models. Our platform allows communities to develop hierarchical offerings that require a ViciCoin to unlock access to Zoom sessions, protected web content, rights to receive physical goods, attend events, and authenticate assets’ provenance. Moreover, ViciCoin provides an additional payment method to raise the quality of service (line priority, enhanced data) or unlock higher-value, premium services (protected content, VIP access).