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Web3Camp is a Crypto education platform where learners and content providers achieve mutual benefits as they share their knowledge and experiences in reward for tokens. We are trying to bridge the gap between newbies and professions in the Crypto market. We're building a Quiz to Earn Ecosystem where learners and content contributors are interactive in a Web3 direction. ✅ Our Thesis Over 1 billion users have already entered the web3 universe and there will be much more to come in the future. Web3 has considerable industry barriers, and the threshold for user entry will be relatively high. Many new users have gone through many detours when they first come. Removing industry barriers is crucial, which can help lay a solid foundation for the entire industry to flourish in the future We provide a learning platform which everyone can share contents, exchange through and deepen understanding. Our app will bring users a one-stop experience service, allowing new users to go from getting started to mastering the knowledge of the entire industry, to realising their unique insights. Users can also get corresponding rewards while making continuous progress. ✅ What makes Web3Camp special? Web3Camp not only provides incentive for Learners to encourage them to continue learning, but also provides a Patronship platform for high-quality content contributors. ✅ How it works? The difficulty of the Quiz will directly affect the user's reward. The harder the questions users solve, the more rewards will generate, and each test will be randomly selected according to different users.