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Wistaverse is a platform that has been designed to enable virtual protests in the metaverse. Built as a decentralized public good, the platform is politically neutral and accessible to all, providing and facilitating a safe space for individuals to voice their opinions and engage in immersive events with their communities. Wistaverse provides a viable alternative for those who are unable to participate in real-life protests and enables any cause to gain global support and raise decentralized funding during events. Individuals can express their messages and show solidarity with a cause through the use of avatars and digital tools such as signs, banners, and wearables. Wistaverse's first protests will take place in The Sandbox Game, the Largest metaverse to date which boasts over 4.5 million active users. The first protest Arena is versatile and ready for event organizers to use, ensuring that each protest is unique and tailored to the specific cause being supported. Wistaverse is also developing its own standalone metaverse application Which is set to be ready in summer 2024. Built on Polygon, The WI$TA token powers the Wistaverse experience. Participants will be able to help their cause raise funds via donations in WI$TA during protests. For each event, the sale of avatars and other purchasable items within the ecosystem will help raise additional funds for the cause. Wistaverse will allow community members to use their voting power to amplify donations using the treasury funds which is continuously filled by a 0.5% tax on all transactions.