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Zahnymous (ZAH) is a new entrant in the crypto space, launched on November 18, 2022 by a team based in the United States. The CEO/Founder of Zahnymous is Basit Nasir, a financial technology entrepreneur who aims to revolutionize the way people spend cryptocurrencies. ZAH is an asset built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), which offers a simplified way for users to liquidate their cryptocurrency. The ZAH dApp is integrated into a gift-card platform, which enables users to spend their crypto assets seamlessly. The ZAH contract is specifically designed for high sell-pressure by using a high LP ratio, making it the perfect payments token. The Zahnymous platform is a leading application for purchasing gift cards using crypto assets. Built using Binance Smart Chain technology, Zahnymous specifically uses the BEP-20 token ZAH as the primary payment method for its platform. The ZAH contract, identified by the smart contract address 0xE061156135B7b7847FD4dB74992ac8555C0CD5A7, powers ZAH on BSC. The BEP-20 token is designed to be fast and cost-effective, allowing users to make transactions quickly and efficiently. It is also secure and transparent thanks to the Binance Smart Chain's blockchain technology, which verifies and records all transactions on the platform. The use of a BEP-20 token and the BSC ensures that users can easily store and manage their ZAH in any Binance Smart Chain-compatible wallet. Zahnymous is unique in that it provides a convenient way for users to purchase gift cards using their preferred crypto assets. The platform accepts a wide range of crypto assets, including popular cryptos built on the Binance blockchain, making it easy for users to spend their crypto in the real world. Zahnymous is a versatile and flexible platform for buying gifts for loved ones using the assets they already hold. One of the key features of Zahnymous is the deflationary design of ZAH. The total supply of the token decreases over time through a mechanism called "token