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Zesh is a unique AI-powered SocialFi solution to one of the biggest problems in Web3 - community growth and engagement. Our initial market offering features an integrated reward campaign and payment system with gamification to ensure high levels of engagement backed by an AI system based on zero-knowledge machine learning (zkML) technology ZKML ensures maximum transparency, demonstrating the effectiveness of our proprietary AI algorithms while maintaining the privacy of commercially sensitive data. This proves rewards are distributed according to our codebase and prevents manipulation, increasing trust for projects and users. We are setting the next era of digital identity and ownership, where a user's unique value is recognized and rewarded for being the driving force behind projects they believe in. Zesh has the power to bring vital tools to all ecosystems tailored to meet the Web3 project’s essential needs. Users give their loyalty and attention to the projects and ecosystems that reward them fairly, transparently, and efficiently. Zesh is the solution to drive real community growth for any project on any chain. Our mission doesn't stop at tools and services; it extends to igniting demand for our native $ZESH token with every new feature we unveil. $ZESH token plays a central role in our ecosphere. It's the lifeblood that powers our platform. With each new tool, iteration, and client we increase the demand for $ZESH, developing a token economy that thrives on innovation and adoption.